6 Plants to Clean Your Lungs and Fight Asthma

6 Plants to Clean Your Lungs and Fight Asthma

January 2, 2024

To treat respiratory problems  (asthma, shortness of breath or infections) you can use plants alongside your treatment. Medicinal plants have been used for this purpose since the dawn of time.

Here are 6 plants to cleanse your lungs and fight asthma:


  • Possessing anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties, ginger helps  reduce inflammation  in the respiratory tract. Its relaxing properties also serve to soothe the muscles, which has a positive effect on asthma.
  • Mixed with honey and lemon, this remedy is effective in reducing attacks of shortness of breath.
  • A ginger infusion also helps prevent the disease, more slowly of course, but also very effectively.


Borage is a cooling herb that helps moisten the lungs when they are dry and irritated. Infuse 1 spoonful of flowering tops in a cup filled with water for around ten minutes.


  • It is, above all, an antiseptic plant for the respiratory tract, thanks to the presence of a powerful active ingredient, eucalyptol. It also has an action on chronic rheumatism. Eucalyptus is febrifuge and anti-asthmatic.
  • Some herbalists also prescribe it against diabetes, although the substances responsible for this action have not yet been isolated. Finally, it is also used as an aperitif and stimulating plant in cases of persistent fatigue and convalescence.


  • Thyme is often very powerful in combating chest congestion. It produces powerful antiseptic essential oils that are classified as natural antibiotics and antifungals. Thyme is well known for eliminating acne much more reliably than very expensive creams, gels and lotions prescribed by the doctor.
  • Thyme infusion has the power to hunt and eliminate bacteria and viruses, so whether your infection is based on one or the other, it will work. Thyme has been used as a lung remedy since ancient times and today it is used extensively for the prevention and treatment of respiratory tract infections and bacterial pneumonia.


  • Licorice is one of the best softening and anti-inflammatory plants. Use the dry root cut finely, or better pulverized, to prepare the infusion. Don’t use too much, a small amount is enough to soften the mucous membranes. I often use half a teaspoon of pulverized root for a large cup, and combine it with the stock or plantain. You can also use it alone.
  • It plays multiple roles, because it is also slightly mucilaginous like marshmallow, and acts as a stimulating expectorant thanks to its saponins (thus ensuring a good transition to the next phase).


It has no equal for decongesting the lungs. Infuse 1 spoonful of flowering tops in a cup filled with water for ten minutes.

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