Why should you always stick bay leaves on your radiator

Why should you always stick bay leaves on your radiator?

January 6, 2024

Everyone loves a home that smells good, especially in winter! However, more and more people are turning away from synthetic perfumes, not only because they are expensive but also because of their unnatural smell and allergenic effects. But are there healthier alternatives? Discover why you should use bay leaves.

With the current trend towards organic and natural products, serious questions arise about room fragrances containing artificial ingredients that could harm our health. The key is to turn to nature.

Why Stick Bay Leaves on the Radiator?

Room sprays, air fresheners, and fragrances promise a natural quality product that conveys well-being and creates a soothing atmosphere at home. But is it true? These beloved products contain harmful components that can damage your respiratory system. In reality, companies focus their efforts on multisensory marketing to promote their business, and unfortunately, consumers are only seeing one side of it. To spread a fresh and above all natural scent throughout the house, here’s what to do.

Placing Bay Leaves on the Radiator

You will be amazed at how placing a few bay leaves on the radiator can emit a pleasant smell within minutes and last for days. To do this:

Turn on your heating and wait until it warms up.

Place a handful of bay leaves directly on the radiator (You can also put them in a container filled with heat-resistant water and place everything on the radiator).

Let it act, the longer the bay leaves are in contact with the heat, the more pronounced the scent will be.

Bay leaf is not only a pleasant aroma but also a strong deodorizer that neutralizes and eliminates bad odors.

What to Do with Dried Bay Leaves?

If you opt for the first method, the bay leaves will dry out. You can put them in a bag and make herbal tea whenever you want.

Another method with bay leaves allows you to enjoy its subtle and soothing aroma. Simply burn a few bay leaves in a container and let the scent permeate your interior. Economical and natural, this plant cleanses the air in your room without risking your health.

The next time you feel stressed, sleepless, anxious, or in a bad mood, or simply need to freshen up your home, turn on your heating, pull out a few bay leaves, and enjoy their benefits.

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