9 surprising things that make your home look cluttered
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9 Surprising Things That Make Your Home Look Cluttered

January 8, 2024

In the age of minimalism and Marie Kondo, many of us aspire to homes that are free of clutter and excess. But decluttering is more than just getting rid of things; it’s about understanding what truly adds value to our spaces and what subtly disrupts the aesthetic balance.

Often, some of the most unexpected items or habits, those we deem as innocuous or even decorative, can be the culprits making our homes appear more chaotic than they truly are. Dive into this exploration of nine surprising elements that might be secretly sabotaging the serenity and order of your living space.

Too Many Personal Photos:

While personal photos make a home feel lived-in and cherished, an overabundance of them can lead to a cluttered look. Opt for fewer, larger pieces or create a dedicated gallery wall, rather than scattering frames throughout your space.

Overstuffed Bookshelves:

Books can be decorative, but cramming too many onto a shelf or having numerous stacks around can make a room feel disordered. Regularly curate your collection, and consider stylish alternatives like wall-mounted ledges or arranging books by color.

Mismatched Storage:

Using an assortment of storage boxes, bins, and baskets may seem functional, but a lack of cohesion can be visually distracting. Try to unify storage solutions by color, material, or design to bring a sense of order.

Unused Appliances on Countertops:

The coffee machine, mixer, toaster, and blender might all be essential, but having them all out at once can make even a large kitchen feel cramped. Store away the items you use less frequently and only keep out the essentials.

Too Many Throw Pillows:

While they can add a splash of color or texture to a room, an overabundance of throw pillows can make seating areas look chaotic. Find a balance by selecting a few statement pillows and storing the rest.

Unused Cords and Chargers:

With the plethora of devices in modern homes, cords and chargers can easily sprawl across surfaces and floors. Consider using cord organizers or storing chargers in dedicated drawers when they’re not in use.

Overloaded Refrigerator Door:

Magnets, reminders, photos, and children’s artwork can quickly transform your fridge door into a canvas of chaos. Limit the items, use magnetic organizers, or consider a bulletin board for a more organized display.

Neglected Entryways:

A jumble of shoes, coats, umbrellas, and mail right at the entrance can instantly give a cluttered impression. Invest in shoe racks, hooks, and a mail organizer to keep the entryway tidy and welcoming.

Excessive Decorative Items:

Less can often be more when it comes to decor. Instead of filling every shelf and tabletop, be selective. Showcase your most cherished items and rotate decorations seasonally to refresh your space without overloading it.

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